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SBA Offers New Online Training for Exporters
Last week, SBA announced the launch of a new online course designed to help small businesses explore exporting opportunities in international markets. Global Enterprise: A Primer on Exporting is a free, self-paced course that provides practical guidance on exploring international markets. The new course is available from the Small Business Administration's training Web site at To access the course, click on "Free Online Courses," and then select the first course listed under International Trade. The course is a comprehensive training module using script and audio to provide fundamental information about selling in global markets. It illustrates how to identify international markets, develop an export strategy, make and receive international payments, and finance trade operations, and it offers guidance on determining a firm's readiness and suitability for exporting. The Exporting Primer includes more than 45 direct links to many key international resources. To access the SBA press release announcing the new online course, click here.

Understanding the "Green" Economy
What is a "Green" industry or occupation? There are many aspects of work that could be considered green, such as new materials, methods, products, and services. However, we do not yet have a common language capturing the broad and varied nature of green industries and jobs. Several states and many local organizations are working collaboratively to better understand and promote the effects of clean and green technology on our economy. To encourage the discussion on how green technology affects the workplace and economy, a consortium of local, state, and federal entities is currently reviewing "green" literature to create a "Digest of Green Reports and Studies". Access the digest at


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