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Rising Tide Sea Vegetables, Mendocino

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables is a thriving cottage industry perched on one of the cleanest coastlines in the world – the wild and beautiful north coast of California. We have been fine-tuning the techniques involved in wildcrafting, drying, and storing sea vegetables since 1981. According to many of our customers we now have the highest quality seaweed available in the United States.

As you will see on our order forms we offer some delicious organic snack products: our sweet (but not too sweet) and crunchy energy bars; our crunchy-salty trail mix made with toasted organic almonds and toasted sea palm; and bath products for healing and softening the skin and detoxifying the body. We have a full line of northern California sea vegetables harvested by us as well as Atlantic and Asian whole-leaf and processed sea vegetable products.

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables
Owner: Larry Knowles